Minutes (Not Available Yet)

-Present: Meaker, Ulatowski, Bick, Hess, Pleskach

-Minutes from 07 May approved

-Minutes from 16 Apr also approved (not all board members had seen the minutes at the last Town Board Meeting)

-Supervisor Ulatowski mentioned receiving some correspondence regarding a particular board member not clearly articulating the readings during the town board meetings and turned the floor over to Coucilor Bick to address the comment.

---Councilor Bick apologized and explained that the situation is due to the fact that he is hearing impaired and doesn't always realize the audibility of his voice.  He stated that while he appreciates feedback he felt the way it was delivered to him directly after the Town Board meeting earlier this month was not respectful so he didn't continue to engage with the individual.  It appears this is what lead to the letter being sent.  It wasn't immediately obvious why this issue was being addressed in such a public manner until Supervisor Ulatowski spoke and indicated he was concerned this incident was part of a larger pattern the board has been seeing lately.

---Mr. Ulatowski then expressed his discontent with some of the disparaging comments he's been seeing on social media over the past 4-5 months regarding the Town Board.  He was very passionate about this point.  Below are a few direct quotes from his comments to the town:

"I believe we are living in a society where people can say anything they want, feel they have the opportunity to do that, as a venting process."

"There have been a number of posts on social media that I think are extremely offensive where I have had to have law enforcement go on to get some of them repaired."

"It's no wonder our government is crumbling because of what people think they have the right to say."

---Mr. Ulatowski concluded his comments by asking Town residents to think about what they are writing before they start typing as comments in print cannot be taken away.

-Agenda item number 6 was adjourned to 4 JUN at 7:35PM.

-Supervisor Ulatowski opted to move the three public hearings (agenda items 7, 8, 9) until the end as the meeting was slightly ahead of schedule and the agenda was short.

-The Board voted on Agenda Item 10 authorizing lighting installation in the Farmstead Subdivision for an estimate annual cost of $2,448.18.  The motion passed 4-0 with Councilor Hess abstaining due to employment.

-The Board voted on Agenda Item 11 authorizing lighting installation in the Pinegate Community Park for an estimate annual cost of $699.62.  The motion passed 4-0 with Councilor Hess abstaining due to employment.

-The Board voted on Agenda Item 12 supporting participation in the Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board's yeal 11 Stormwater and Education Compliance Assistance Program.  The motion passed 5-0.

-Supervisor Ulatowski commented on a question from an earlier meeting asked by Resident Michael LaPoint regarding the paving of the parking lot adjacent to Wetzel Road in the Town Park.  The Supervisor stated that the paving resources that are not being used for public roads this year will be used to pave the area around the Senior Center on route 31.  The parking lot in question will not be paved this year.  Mr. LaPoint commented that he saw a woman fall there just this past weekend.  Supervisor Ulatowski stated that he didn't see anyone fall but he was there over the weekend and looked at the parking lot.

-Resident Nancy Kinnetz commented that much of the issue that the Supervisor referred to above, to include the incident regarding criticism of the Councilman, could be alleviated by the Town communicating simple explanations.  This would help alleviate situations where improper assumptions are made.  Supervisor Ulatowski followed up by requesting residents inquire as to the situation prior to venting on social media. 

-The three public hearings (agenda items 7, 8, 9) were held.  Carla Corpus, an Attorney representing National Grid, spoke.  There were no comments from the public and minimal questions from the Board.  There was a point brought up from Councilor Bick about whether or not a "Utica Rack" was a substation, and if that was why permits were being requested.  Ms. Corpus hesitated and stated, "Based on discussions with the town, and I'll let the Town Attorney speak to that..."  At which point the Town Attorney stated, "It's an unresolved issue."  Ms Corpus then continued "we've made an agreement with the town to seek these special permits as a compromise".  There was no more discussion on this topic


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