Minutes (Not Available Yet)

-Onondaga County Legislators Rowley and Jordan addressed the Town with an update on county issues.  They stated that moving into the future they will be present at a minimum of one Town Board meeting per month to update the Town on county issues.

---Local law "A" was passed 17-0 dealing with changes to county codes.  Legislator Jordan felt this was an easy law to justify as it addressed the issue of the County Attorney representing both the Executive Branch as well as the Legislative Branch of the county government, which he felt was a conflict of interest.  A question came about regarding the County Executive's authority to veto the law and is was answered that, while possible, it is unlikely seeing that a 2/3 legislature vote can override a veto and the original vote was unanimous.  

---There has been no change to the county's decision to execute the option on last year's hot mix asphalt contract rather than to award to a new bid, which was $500k less.  This decision was made to avoid potential lawsuits regarding a discrimination policy in contracting.  Legislator Rowley recommended that Clay not buy hot mix off the county contract but attempt to contact the low bidder for a town-level contract if they can honor the price on the bid they made to the county.  His recommendation was noted by the Board.

---Resident Shannon Knapp asked if the county minutes that were being discussed could be made available.  Town Clerk Jill Hageman-Clark said she will attached them to the Town Board Minutes.

---Resident Nancy Kinnetz asked for clarification on why "Adrian's Law", a law about subjecting domestic dogs to prolonged exposure of cold weather, was voted down at the county level.

---Legislator Jordan addressed this by explaining that several legislators felt the proposed law was overly broad and didn't take into account all relevant circumstances (breed, whether to dog was accompanied/playing, if the dog was showing signs of medical distress, etc).  He further mentioned that while two hours at 32 degrees could kill some dogs, other breeds under other circumstances would be happy to play outside with the family for hours in 32 degrees and this law would have made the people in that situation registered animal abusers.  He used his own dog as an example of the latter.  Further Legislator Jordan proposed his own law taking into account many of these factors to ensure the animal was actually being abused before an arrest could be made.  It put more discretion in the hands of law enforcement.  It was unclear why his version of the law was also voted down. 

-Resident Mike LaPoint asked the Town Board for the paving schedule for the town.

---Supervisor Ulatowski told him he could come to the Town hall and look at the document but he would not release it or publish it to the web.  He explained that the paving schedule is fluid and he does not want to be held to a schedule that has been made public.

---Some additional conversation ensued about the Town's paving contractor and Supervisor Ulatowski said that not all Town roads are paved by the contractor, some are paved by the highway department.

-Resident Mike LaPoint asked when the parking lot near the soccer field in the Main Town Park on Wetzel Road would be paved.  He indicated it is in terrible condition and that he has asked three years in a row with no results.  

---Supervisor Ulatowski said they would look into it but did not guarantee any action.  He also acknowledged that he has heard the request three years in a row and very well may end up hearing it again next year.

-Item number 6 on the agenda was passed 6-0  and awarded to D.E. TERROLI INC (if spelling is incorrect, it will be corrected upon release of minutes)

-Item number 7 on the agenda was passed 6-0 and awarded to ALL CITY.

-Item number 8 on the agenda was passed 6-0.

-Item number 9 on the agenda was passed 6-0.

-Item number 10 on the agenda was passed 6-0.

-Item number 11 on the agenda was passed 6-0.

-Item number 12 on the agenda was passed 6-0.

-Item number 13 on the agenda was passed 5-0 (Councilor Hess Abstained due to Employment).

-Item number 14 on the agenda was passed 5-0 (Councilor Hess Abstained due to Employment).

-Item number 15 on the agenda was passed 5-0 (Councilor Hess Abstained due to Employment).

-There was an additional agenda item that was passed 6-0 allowing the Highway Superintendent to execute an Affidavit that was provided to the Board.  The Affidavit was not available to the public attendees of the meeting nor was it explained what was on it.  The issue at hand regarded an Easement of Access at 4724 Burr Drive for "Strathmore Industrial Park".